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Billionaire Experiences, based in Florida, is a global luxury concierge firm. The firm provides high-end, custom luxury concierge services to high-net-worth and ultra-high-net-worth individuals and businesses all around the world.
For the world’s most discerning clientele, we arrange, plan and book all things premium.

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    01. Global Services

    Everyone in the world has access to Billionaire Experiences. We have a way if you have the means. We collaborate with partners in every major city on the planet.

    02. Competitive Prices

    Unlike other concierge services, we aren’t only interested in spending your money. We will always make every effort to obtain the best possible price for the product or service you desire.

    03. Unique & Tailored

    No matter how unusual your request is, we will do everything we can to fulfill it. We pride ourselves on being proactive and will always think beyond the box.

    04. Professional

    Our global network of professionals will ensure that we have everything needed within the time frame specified. We are equipped with the technology and personnel to complete every order in a timely manner.

    05. Five Star Service

    Our service is unrivaled in the industry — better than any traditional concierge service, with the added benefit of discounts courtesy of our contacts.

    06. 24/7 Service

    Our team at Billionaire Experiences ensures that your every need is met. We work 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We’ll be here for you no matter what time zone you’re in.