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Becoming a member of our exclusive club will give you access to the highest quality services. Your requests and desires are in good hands with us, as we have 24/7 support that’s dedicated entirely towards meeting your needs. As an added bonus, join now and we can offer you one-on-one personal assistant service for free.

As a VIP Member at Billionaire Experiences , you’ll enjoy priority treatment on all purchases – whether it be food or entertainment; from concerts to cars . There is no better time than right now to join this elite group.

In addition, by joining today we’re offering anyone who signs up their own Personal Assistant who they can take anywhere they need help getting things done.

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starting at $250,000/year
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Personalized for You

starting at $500,000/year
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starting at $1,000,000/year
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What Should I Expect?

Billionaire Experiences is the ultimate experience for those who want to live like a billionaire. Membership includes access to members-only events, invitations to exclusive locations and resorts around the world, personalized concierge service that can do anything from book flights or reservations at restaurants all over the world…

Our clients are often referred through existing members because we offer unique experiences tailored towards each individual member’s needs. Once an application has been submitted it will be processed by our team before being approved as active membership with Billionaire Experiences.

To live the exclusive lifestyle of Billionaire Experiences, submit an inquiry today!

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    Whether you are looking for global services and/or experiences, we are here 24/7 to assist you!

    Membership Options

    Are you in need of a fantastic VIP Membership program? 

    Well, look no further than Billionaire Experiences because this is where clients receive the very best world-class Luxury Concierge Services, Luxury Travel Experiences, and Lifestyle Management Options. As a world-leading Luxury Concierge service provider, Billionaire Experiences offers bespoke Membership options for several discerning clientele globally.

    Moreover, we guarantee our clients fully customized Membership Options, including providing unique services and amenities for clientele who prefer unrivaled convenience, exclusivity, impeccable service, and the highest degree of luxury.

    Billionaire Experiences welcomes you to take part in our exclusive, luxurious world composed of luxury travel experiences, entertainment, bespoke, leisure, convenience, and VIP treatment, all accessible with our VIP Membership Options. We are steadfast in offering our clients more excellent services for couples, families, individuals, executives, or corporations.

    A World of Options

    Billionaire Experiences Unique VIP Membership Options is your ticket to the very best that life has to offer. We provide you with a perfect blend of all our Concierge and Luxury Lifestyle Management programs and solutions to augment your life while effectively managing your time and resources.

    Our professional accountants working around the clock ensure your wishes are a reality. For instance, they assist you with dinner reservations, exquisite gift ideas, or the ultimate red-carpet experience.

    Furthermore, Billionaire Experiences provides several VIP Membership choices that cater to your ideal level of assistance, whether it is for business or pleasure. Specific client requirements are processed and assessed before the membership is accepted, immediately a membership application is submitted. After that, a successful applicant receives a membership card with additional membership information as listed below.

    • No service charges
    • Multiple Authorized Users
    • No limit on territory coverage
    • No limit on access to events
    • No limit on the type of services
    • Available Chauffeur Services 
    • Available Dedicated Lifestyle Managers
    • Available Security Services
    • Available Domestic Help
    • Booking Services available
    • Experience the world of Luxury!
    • Private Travel Management
    • Unique and Exclusive Experiences
    • Specialty and High-Value Goods Procurement
    • Event Access and VIP Support
    • Private Aircraft and Yachts or Boats are available.
    • Villas and Hotels Inclusive
    • Corporate or Personal Concierge
    • 24/7/365 days a year Assistance 
    • Membership Options available
    • All Membership Options are fully customized for each customer, providing the highest degree of luxury travel experiences, impeccable service, convenience, and exclusivity.
    • Corporate and Sports Events
    • Rates and discounts are available.
    • Acquisition of exclusive products
    • Exclusive travel packages
    • Personalized travel planning and itineraries
    • Global coverage