There are Still Places You Can Travel During this Pandemic

Where can you still travel to during the pandemic?

A blog about the places that you can travel to during the pandemic, and the ways that you can safely and luxuriously spend your time whilst you are away.

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Although the Covid-19 pandemic caused us to hit the pause button on many of life’s experiences, there are still ways to get away from it all. Read on to find out about the places that you can explore and the luxurious ways that you can spend your time.

Freedom from Boundaries

Experience the true openness that is felt only through travel, despite the difficult circumstances. Read on to hear about the borders that are open to you.


Monaco is a setting for an unforgettable adventure, filled with the luxuries that can only be unlocked with Billionaire Experiences. Glitter hangs in the air in Monaco, from the sparkling French Riviera to the famous casinos. Billionaire Experiences’ exclusive VIP packages will make sure that opulence follows you on your travels.


White sand between your toes and beautiful aquamarine waters to dive into are all on offer in the Maldives. On this stunning island, there is no limit to crafting the perfect getaway (and the Billionaire Experiences team knows it). From water bungalows to house reefs, from massages to golfing, there are countless ways to experience the beautiful Maldives. What do they all have in common? You can experience them during the pandemic, as a way to escape stress and worry.


The USA is something special, with a vast array of VIP options offered by Billionaire Experiences. Learn something new in the tropic, yet deeply historical, Key West, or stroll down Park Avenue in New York. Enjoy the legendary Las Vegas casinos, or perhaps go golfing in Hawaii. The opportunities in the USA are endless and simply the best. No matter what it is that you are looking for, with the team at Billionaire Experience, you are sure to locate your own way of getting away from it all.

Magical Experiences

The team at Billionaire Experiences is expert at finding your unforgettable moments. Read on, for a sneak peek at what is sure to be your next dinner party anecdote.

Private Islands

Rent a private island with Billionaire Experiences and enjoy the most exclusive of breaks. Not only is this a perfect option for a respite from the hustle and bustle of modern living (especially during a pandemic), but it is a great way to social-distance in true style. List through the Billionaire Experiences collection of private islands, and let the team bring it all together. With expansive beaches and crystal seas, you would be forgiven for thinking that the private island experience could not get any better. Let us prove you wrong, with a host of butlers, top chefs, spa experts, and ultimate accommodation options.

In addition, feel light with the knowledge that the private islands on offer are eco-friendly, with wind turbines, solar fields, and other renewable energy sources. At a time when the condition of the world is in our hearts, contributing to a healthy planet is the ultimate experience.

Magical Ways to Experience the Private Islands

  • Family escape
  • Romantic getaway
  • Allotting Time to Growing Friendships
  • Team Building for a Productive Workforce
  • An Unforgettable Wedding


Experience the highs of life through a VIP skiing experience. Feel the magic of skiing on the world’s most brilliant slopes, picking up speed and energy in the process. At the rate you will be going, escaping the stresses of pandemic life will be a breeze. Bring your game to the next level, by accessing some of the best equipment available for your active adventure. The Billionaire Experiences team will mesh local hygge with their special brand of luxury, ensuring that you expand your horizons in the best conditions.


The pandemic taught us all the value of connection to the human experience. With the Billionaire Experiences team, your next event will bring this important value to the forefront. Specialising in luxury event planning, the team offers a bespoke experience, making guests feel welcomed and seen (no matter the occasion).

Also on offer is access to VIP experiences of sporting events, with tickets, curated plans, and top hospitality provided. Experiencing the highs of sports matches is a beautiful way to connect to those around you. Enjoy the game in luxury, with Billionaire Experiences.

At Your Service

The Billionaire Experiences team is here to provide you with the best possible service, whether you would like to be on the move in style, or simply relax in a gorgeous space.

Making a Move

After being stuck still during the pandemic, experiencing the freedom of travel is refreshing. With Billionaire Experiences, you are sure to find a VIP edge whilst on the move.

  • If you are looking to take a flight to remember, turn to the team at Billionaire Experiences. Hire a private jet from the services’ aircraft, and travel in the privacy and style that you deserve.
  • If you are called to the sea, perhaps you might like to charter or purchase a luxury yacht. The team will find an option to meet your needs in the finest of ways and will take you on a seafaring adventure (whether you are looking to experience a cruise across the globe, or a one-way journey to a glamorous destination).
  • When you choose to stay on land, the team at Billionaire Experiences will step in with their luxury car service, with a plethora of options to meet your every need. From one-of-a-kind vehicles for the smoothest drive to impressive fleets of limousines, they have you covered.

Staying Put

Turn to the Billionaire Experiences team for the perfect accommodation for your getaway. Merging the feeling of belonging with the luxury experience is their craft, and is reflected in the one-of-a-kind spaces that are on offer. Your unique needs are centred in the process, and a truly unforgettable home is guaranteed.

What is on offer?

  • Perfect Villas and Condos
  • Luxury Hotels
  • Winter Chalets
  • Beautiful Real Estate
  • Bespoke Interior Design
  • Luxury Membership

Despite the Covid-19 pandemic throwing many of our plans askew, the horizon remains wide for extraordinary travel, memorable experiences, and time spent in the luxury that you deserve. You can trust that the team at Billionaire Experiences will make it happen.